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Center, Inc.

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Country Dressage Saddle $600

Great condition even for it's age, it's about 25 years old.  Med. tree, 17 inch seat. Doesn't fit my horse.  


2016 QH Grulla Filly $4300(sold)

Selling my 2016, grulla, QH filly. 5 panel tested (n/n), Homozygous for black. She was started at the IL Buck Brannaman colt starting clinic in Sept. She did very well. Travels well, stalled well, just really good natured. She has had about 10 rides on her. She has had tarps, flags, and had ropes around her legs and thrown from her. Very good ground manners. I was giving her the winter off to grow. But I am putting her out there for sale now, just in case someone is looking now. Currently about 14.3H, probably will finish off around 15/15.1H. Lots of muscle, and well put together, cute head. She will make a nice all around horse, and eventually a kids horse. I will restart her in Feb/March and then her price will go up. You can visit Genesis Equestrian Center Facebook page for more pictures and video.

Automatic Waterer- $30 (new) $10 (used)

Waterers were purchased to be used in the stalls, some used, some new. Easy to use.