Genesis Equestrian 
Center, Inc.

Creating Foundations for Life


Please email GECI if you need any of the following forms: 

Information and Release

GECI Liability waiver

Lease Agreement

Service and Rates

Group (2-4 students)
 $40.00/ hour

BOARDING (open to students only. NOT a public boarding facility)

(Does not include stall cleaning, bedding, or feed. Extras can be found on cost sheet received at agreement)
Bathing $25.00
Hoof Trimming
Deworming $15.00
Mane Pulling
Mane Braiding  $50.00


(ears, face, legs, & bridle path; cooperative horses only) 



Agreed upon under contract 

Rules and Policies


9:00 AM – 9:00PM; DAILY
Closed ALL DAY Thanksgiving & Christmas.
No one is allowed on premises when closed except by prior arrangement.


Anyone who rides any horse on this property must fill one
BEFORE riding.


For safety reasons, all horses must be led with a halter and
lead rope at all times.  You are not allowed to lead your
horse by the halter nor let your horse loose from the turnout
areas and run to or into the barn.


Helmets are mandatory for all riders under 18 years of age
and students in lessons or riding a leased horse.

 No smoking or alcohol allowed in the barn or on the premises.
 No grooming in the aisle way, only in your stall or arena if training.  Aisle ways can only be used by the farrier.

 No open riding in the indoor arena during classes or other reserved times.  All non-open times will be posted on the Classes & Lessons tab schedule, or barn bulletin board.  Do not bother the instructors during classes or lessons. If there is a lesson during open arena you may ride as well, but please be courteous, and give them the right of way.

 OUTSIDE TRAINERS AND INSTRUCTORS  Not permitted except by special arrangement
 Visiting guest & children of boarders & lesson people are not allowed inside the indoor arena during riding activities, unless taking a riding class or lesson. Please do not allow guest (unless qualified) to handle your horse. All children less than 16 yrs old must have adult supervision while at GECI, do not drop your children off and leave them. Leasers and boarders ages 16 & 17 may ride without supervision from an adult but are required to have another person (rider or otherwise) on the property to call for help in case of an emergency.  Anyone 18 or older ride at your own risk.
 All healthy horses/ponies will be fed in their stalls then left outside during the day in all temperatures, during dry weather or above 40 degrees in wet weather and/or overnight in dry weather above 20 degrees (including wind chill). GECI believes that horses are their healthiest when they are allowed to be horses and not confined to stalls when possible. GECI will keep a good eye on radar and weather to determine when to allow horses/ponies to stay out.
 HAY, FEED, & BEDDING  Stall bedding, hay, and concentrates are the sole property of GECI use only and may not be used by Boarders. Each horse is given what they need by weight. Do not waste feed or give extra hay at ANYTIME! If your horse is gaining weight or losing weight, please notify GECI to make changes.
Be respectful of other people and their equipment.  If you use it put it away.  If you damage it be prepared to replace or repair it.  Clean up all manure your horse deposits in the arena and/or a clean stall.  We want to keep the dust down and the barn clean.
 Please write questions and comments on paper and put them into the mail slot on the tack room, write it on the chalk board, or talk to Alicyn personally.