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Corporate and Skills Development Workshops        

 Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock Course (EAL)

"Equine Assisted Learning is a learner based educational experience with horses.  More specifically, EAL is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth.  Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses.  EAL has proven to be effective, powerful, positive, educational, and creative." The EAL Network



How can Genesis Equestrian Center help your business through EAL? 

    *Promotes and facilitates successful change within the organization

    *Reveals and improves organizational barriers to communication

    *Improves team bonds by creating equine bonds

    *Breaks down defensive barriers

    *Promotes creative thinking and enhances problem solving skills

    *Enhances an organizations "Team work" mentality

    *Provides insight into group dynamics

    *Improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills and strengthens listening skills

    *Improves self confidence and self esteem  

    *Provides an appreciation for differences and diversity

    *Challenges participants in a non judgmental way 

    *Improves personal awareness and focus on communication skills

    *Provides a motivational learning environment 

Only EAL certified facilitators are permitted to facilitate the classes and workshops.  GECI holds all horses and facilitators to the highest standards.  Your company will be treated with respect, dignity, and have a wonderful time learning and developing skills that will have a positive effect in your workplace. 


A typical workshop schedule would be as follow:

9:30 AM- Arrival and briefing

9:50 AM- 1st break out and course groundwork with the horse

11:00 AM- Debriefing over 1st session

11:20 AM- Lunch (Sack or Catered) 

12:10 PM- briefing for second break out and course groundwork

12:30 PM- 2nd break out and course work with the horse

1:40 PM- Debriefing over 2nd session and overview of the day

2:00PM- Departure 

*** Schedule may vary depending on your needs.  If you only have a short time to spare for the workshop, it can be broken up into multiple sessions.  Lunch is also optional.

Skills Development

What if my group is not a corporation or workplace team?

You do not need a workplace team to learn skills development.  Everyone needs to improve on their social, communication, negotiation, and relationship skills!  If you have a group, small group, women's or men's group, family, youth leadership team, or whatever group you can pull together, this program is for you!!

There are 2 different building block courses offered,  a 12 week course and an 8 week course.  Each session builds on the one before to help you develop tools that you can use to improve your group dynamics and individual skills. 

Most of the 12 and 8 weeks programs happen once a week for 12 or 8 weeks and for an hour and half of your time each time.   





 Why do we use horses?

Horses are prey animals.  They need their herds for protections and to succeed in life.  They rely on a strong leader to guide them. A herd of horses is like a team. They are acutely aware of their surroundings, smells, sounds, body language, and herd/team dynamics. They give us honest, non-judgmental, instant feedback.  Listening to what a horse has to say is powerful and can sometimes spur the answer to individual change. Often they magnify the individual's problem immediately providing the facilitator with an opportunity to address a skill or character trait.  Horses do not over think a persons motive, but they do challenge their behavior and leadership. 

 Do I need any prior horse experience?

No, all Genesis Equestrian Center, EAL programs are on the ground.  You do not need to know how to ride a horse or handle one.  You will learn how to "read" a horse in the briefing portion of the program.  We work with all levels of horse experience.

 What if I am scared or don't like horses?

No worries, if you aren't being pushed out of your comfort zone, you aren't learning. This is an opportunity to overcome fears or preconceived notions.  Some people have started out petrified, but by the end of the program, they all have learned more about themselves and they have overcome their fears

What do I wear?

You will be outdoors and/or in an enclosed, covered arena.  The space is not heated or cooled, so dress appropriately.  You may get dirty, please do not where clothing that cannot get a bit dusty. The classroom setting for briefing and debriefing does have a heater to help you warm up, but we are only there for a short time.  Close-toed shoes are mandatory, no sandals, flip flops, or high heals. Remember you are in a barn.