Genesis Equestrian 
Center, Inc.

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9AM- 12PM- Horsemanship 1

1:30-4:30PM- Horsemanship 2

*Cost- $575/class; Non-refundable $250 deposit due with signup for each class. Deposit is required to hold your spot

*Auditors welcome-$30/day (children under 12 are free)

*Stall/Facilities/Cattle fee- $175 (Wednesday after 4pm- Sunday) $30/night for any extra nights. Initial bedding provided and additional may be purchased for $8/bag. Please leave your stalls clean . Lunch included for participants paying Stall/Facilities fees

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Class descriptions:

 Horsemanship 1 - Understanding, confidence, softness, attitude, etc. that you have on the ground with your horse will carry right over into the saddle. This class is designed to help the horse and human develop their relationship on the ground so that they can improve their relationship in the saddle. Time will be spent on proper and safe leading, lunging, backing, ground manners, etc. Some time will be spent riding after the groundwork is satisfactory.  You are working on better understanding and communication with your horse, developing an eye for detail and expression. Continuing to learn where the feet are and how to direct them. Helping yourself and the horse to gain confidence with obstacles and supporting your horse in fearful situations. We will probably ride out a day or two in the small horse pasture to practice riding in space.  

Horsemanship 2-  This class is a continuation of H1.  It is all in the saddle, there is no ground work.  If you are new to horsemanship or have a very green horse or green rider, I recommend you do the morning class first.  You will need to be confident enough in the saddle to w/t/c.  The first couple days of H2 are in the arena or small outdoor pasture.  We will be working a refining our communication to our horse, timing with the feet, confidence, softness, turnarounds, lateral movements, and lots of transitions.  These are all to prepare you for some light cattle work in the second half of the clinic.  The field where the cattle are is partly wooded and "scarier" than the open smaller horse pastures. You will learn to move cattle and use the skills of the arena in a job.  

Western Horseman 

Eclectic Horseman- Flag work ; Saddling a tied horse ; Encouragement ; Memories of Ray Hunt